Worms…What Else Needs to Be Said?

If you were even slightly into gaming during the nineties, Worms needs no introduction whatsoever. In fact, if you’ve ever been into gaming to any extent whatsoever, it’s probably safe to say that you know and love Worms. After all…who doesn’t?

One of the most entertaining, imaginative and ludicrous gaming franchises of all times, we have to admit we were pretty excited when the first Worms slot made its grand arrival. But now that there are two Worms slots to try out from the same legendary developers at Blueprint Gaming, which of the two takes the victory?

Worms Slot  

First up, the original Worms slot…creatively titled ‘Worms’…is nothing less than an immediate nostalgia overload for anyone who was ever into the game. Blueprint teamed up with Team 17 to develop the Worms slot, in order to ensure that it was as faithful to the original as possible. There are five reels, 50 paylines in play at all times and spins that start out at 50p and go right up to £100.

Along with looking great, sounding great and featuring all those brilliantly unmistakable sound effects, Worms brings to the table the multi-level Worms Bonus feature. This gets underway when you land a trio of bonus crate scatter symbols on the middle three reels, which then gives you the opportunity to choose one of the crates which will take you randomly over to one of the bonus features.

Firstly, there’s the Crate Escape Bonus game which can be accessed if you pick the crate containing the Angry Scot Worm. In this round, it’s a simple case of selecting the crates of your choosing which will reward you with weapons, first aid kits or cash prizes. Weapons take health away from your worm, while first aid kits refill it – the round coming to an end when you have no remaining health. The maximum prize goes as high as 100X your bet.

Then there’s the Space Trail Bonus game, which can be accessed if you come across at the Space Worm. This is a classic trail-style bonus feature, where the aim is to get your worm to the highest possible position. Once again, weapons are not your friend and the feature will come to an end if you are struck with a direct hit. The same top prize of 100X also applies.

Last up, the Drill Sergeant Worm will take you straight over to the Free Spins Battle Bonus feature, which once again sees your health been depleted by the Pirate Worm and being replenished once again by the Medi-Worm. You can keep on spinning indefinitely until your health runs out, meaning a technically limitless number of free spins available.

The long and short of Worms is that if you had any interest in the original game whatsoever, you will probably be in your element with this one. Even if you weren’t, you’ll probably still find it enormously entertaining for a few spins at least. The only downside being that while the bonus features are genuinely impressive across the board, they don’t tend to open up quite as often as they might.

Worms Reloaded 

Next up comes Worms Reloaded, which once again takes the usual five-reel setup though in this case has just the 20 paylines to play for. Spins range from 20p each right up to £500, which seems to suggest they’ve targeted pretty much every preference and pocket with this one. And to say they’ve taken things to town as far as special features go would be something of an understatement!

We’ll try to keep this brief and simple – first of all, there are four fantastic special features which can be triggered at any time randomly during the base game, which are as follows:

Banana Bombs Wild feature – the iconic banana bomb explodes and sees a whole bunch of additional wilds added to the reels, which may or may not also be accompanied by a free spin.

Holy Hand Grenade feature – the same deal, but this time the explosion sees a flurry of bonus symbols making their way onto the reels, which could send you over to the main bonus features.

Teleport Mayhem feature – a guaranteed winning combination as a worm appears and sends symbols all over the place, or until they form a winning combo.

Concrete Donkey feature – the legendary concrete donkey drops onto the reels, turning reels wild as it goes.

On top of all this, there are four main bonus features which look a little like this:

Battleground Bonus feature – a relatively standard pick me bonus round, where you choose mines at random to increase your win, collect or head over to a different bonus round.

Jet Pack Bonus feature – a trail feature that sees you slowly but surely progress to the highest possible position, where you can win up to 1,000X your bet.

Blitz Free Spins feature – the classic free spins bonus round, but with an entirely new set of reels with a new worm that brings a flurry of new multipliers into play.

Super Sheep Free Spins feature – another free spins bonus round, where you start out with six free spins and the possibility of any number of added wilds being added to the reels by the hero of the hour…the sheep.

And if all of the above wasn’t enough, there’s also a generous progressive jackpot to play for!

So as you can see, Worms Reloaded takes things to a completely different level in terms of bonus features, not to mention the entertainment factor of the base game. What’s more, the features tend to be triggered considerably more frequently than with its predecessor. As such, while there’s nothing specifically negative to be said about the original Worms slot, try your hand with Worms Reloaded a few times and chances are you’ll never look back!



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