Wet n’ Wild – Arctic Madness and Aquatica Put to the Test

Two more popular slots for you to check out today, which follow a somewhat wet, wild and wacky theme. We found both Arctic Madness and Aquatica to be hugely enjoyable during our tests and would highly recommend giving both of them a spin. That said, they are rather different in the way they get the job done, so be sure to check out the specifics before deciding which of the two to dive into!

Arctic Madness 

First of all, Pariplay has come up with something rather unusual in the form of Arctic Madness and entirely to the developer’s credit. It brings the usual three reels and five paylines into play, though has a cascading reels game engine to keep things very interesting indeed. Spins are available starting from 25p up to a maximum of £10 and there’s an equally interesting pick-me bonus round to play for.

The action takes place in a somewhat chilly part of the world populated by enormous icebergs and shark infested waters. There are six brightly coloured critters going by the name of ‘Cubies’ who take centre stage, encased in blocks of ice and in some instances looking a little worse for wear. In order to win, you will need to line up at least three of the same little guys in a row on any of the paylines.

The highest paying of the Cubies is the blue chap wearing sunglasses, who will reward you with a payout worth 200 coins if you land three in a row. Nevertheless, the most valuable symbol of all is the wild, which is worth an impressive 1,000 coins if you strike it lucky with three of these on any payline.

As mentioned, the game also features the popular cascading reels gameplay engine, which basically means that every time a winning combination is formed, the winning symbols disappear and the symbols above them take their place. If this then creates another winning combination, the same can potentially keep happening over and over again.

In addition to this, there is the bonus feature that can be accessed by lining up three of the gift box symbols on any of the paylines. This will then see you transported to an ice cave, where you will be given the opportunity to pick one of the icicles which will hopefully land on one of the poor Cubies wandering around below. If it does, you will be rewarded with a multiplier and given the opportunity to skewer another of the little blighters, in order to continually increase the value of the payout.

Arctic Madness isn’t particularly rich in features, but nonetheless has the kind of charm and entertaining gameplay that make it nothing short of captivating. It’s relatively low in terms of volatility and has the kind of soundtrack that will be stuck in your head for days. So even if only for a few casual spins, definitely one to have a go with!


Next up comes an equally aquatic online slot from the folks over at Playson, which appropriately goes by the name of Aquatica. This time around, the action takes place very much below the surface of the water and adopts a more conventional five-reel setup with a total of nine paylines to play for. Spins start from as little a 9p making it great for casual gamers and there are one or two enjoyable features to keep your eye out for. On the whole, Aquatica is kept beautifully simple and is absolutely perfect for anyone who isn’t into complex and convoluted bonus features.

While playing with the free spins, every time you win a prize you will be given the opportunity to gamble. It’s the usual story where you will be asked to guess what colour the next playing card will be, which if correct will lead to your prize being doubled. This gamble feature is available up to 10 times with each win, meaning the possibility of taking home some seriously impressive prizes.

Along with this, there is also a wild symbol in the form of a yellow submarine, which along with taking the place of every normal symbol in the game is also worth a hefty payout in its own right if you manage to line up five in a row.

Visually, Aquatica is designed to be as simple and enjoyable as the gameplay itself. You will be welcomed on your journey by a wide variety of cartoony aquatic creatures, including seahorses, starfish and so on. It also has an extremely interesting soundtrack, which is beautifully soothing during normal play but then has a tendency to go absolutely bonkers when winning combinations are formed or bonus rounds played.

What’s interesting about Aquatica is the way in which the look and feel of the game as a whole gives you the impression that it would be relatively low in volatility. In reality, it’s actually right at the opposite end of the scale. Rather than paying out little and often, you can actually expect quite extensive dry periods with no prizes at all. Nevertheless, the maximum payout it is possible to walk away with comes in at an incredible 5,000 coins!

Which just goes to show that with online slots, just like most other things in life, you really cannot and therefore should not judge a book by its cover!


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