Tracking Down Treasure: Temple of Gold, Temple of Fortune

Anyone who knows anything about anything knows that temples are about one thing and one thing alone…treasure. Hundreds of movies from the past few decades have centred on exactly the same tale – one that sees one or more heroes risking life and limb to travel to the heart of wild and wacky temples, in hope of leaving both alive and with a huge sack of treasure. Some succeed, others fail…we know which side of the fence we’d rather fall on.

So today, we thought we’d take a look at two extremely popular temple-themed slots – both of which very much present the lucky few with the opportunity to walk away with incredible prizes.

Temple of Gold

Created by Red Tiger Gaming, Temple of Gold is currently doing the rounds on desktop and mobile devices alike and seems to be earning a pretty solid name for itself. It’s the classic five-reel setup with 20 paylines to play for, with spins catering to all budgets from 20p right up to £400 each. It all immediately comes across as a relatively simple affair, but there is quite a lot of hidden depth to Temple of Gold – including five special mini features to play for.

Players find themselves inside some kind of ancient temple with all manner of Egyptian symbols before them. There is an extremely useful wild in the form of the golden shield, which can both land stacked and replace every other symbol in the game apart from the scatter. At any time during normal play, you may notice the reels suddenly begin to rumble – which is actually a good thing. This means you are on your way into one of the five mini bonus features, which are as follows:

  • Wild Reels feature – one or more reels gets covered with wilds and you win a cash prize.
  • Nudge feature – the main character ‘Lora’ ensures you get at least one winning line by nudging the reels as necessary
  • Swap Reels feature – a winning line is guaranteed by two or more of the reels swapping places.
  • Respin feature – an extra chance at scoring a winning payline with one free additional spin.
  • Instant Win feature – three rows are covered with giant symbols, which increase the likelihood of taking home a serious cash prize.

The Relic Hunt Bonus feature can be accessed by landing three of the Relic Hunt Bonus symbols in any positions at any time. This is a trail feature round, where you will slowly but surely traverse an enticing treasure map, with prizes and multiplier is increasing significantly along the way.

Which is where things come to an end with Temple of Gold and you might have noticed one glaring omission – no free spins feature. That’s right, these guys are among the few that are brave enough to put out a top-tier slot with absolutely no free spins bonus round to play for. Nevertheless, there is so much to like about Temple of Gold that even with no free spins, it is still extremely enjoyable. Not only this, but with those five mini features that can trigger at any time, you never tend to be too far away from something that’s guaranteed to spice up the action just right!

Temple of Fortune


Next up, Temple of Fortune takes the action away from ancient Egypt and plunges you right into the depths of a tropical jungle. As such, it’s a decidedly more vibrant and colourful affair than its above-mentioned counterpart, though follows the same standard setup with five reels and 20 paylines. Spins are available from 20p right up to £200 each and we have the folks at Big Time Gaming to thank for putting Temple of Fortune together in the first place.

Not only are the visuals nothing short of gorgeous, but the fact that the scenery changes with every spin is nothing short of genius. It really does give you the feeling of exploring a jungle, rather than sitting in one spot while the action plays out around you. Along with the usual playing card values, there are additional symbols including gemstones, parrots and the Temple of Fortune logo itself. There’s also a wild which appears in the former of the brave explorer, which is worth up to 1,000 coins instantly if you are lucky enough to land five in a row.

There are three primary special features to play for with Temple of Fortune. The first of these opens up if you land three treasure chests in any positions on the reels, which will take you to the Treasure Chest feature. You’ll be presented with a series of treasure chests from which you are allowed to pick just one, which could be worth anything up to 500X your line bet.


Then there’s the Temple of Fortune feature, which can be accessed by landing at least three temple symbols in any position. In this round, you set about traversing an ancient monument and receive bigger rewards as you climb higher. Exactly how far you get will always be a pretty random affair, but it’s still possible to win a maximum of 750X your bet.

Last of the three comes the Mystical Wheel of Fortune feature, which can be accessed when at least three of the corresponding symbols appear on reels two, three and four at the same time. As you can probably guess, you will then be presented with a lucky wheel, which features a range of prizes up to a maximum of 1,000X your bet.

Notice anything a little familiar here? That’s right – another temple-themed slot that doesn’t award any kinds of free spins whatsoever. Suffice to say, this is definitely the kind of thing that can be a deal-breaker for some, but we personally think there is more than enough on offer elsewhere to make up for the lack of free spins. Trust us – put Temple of Fortune through its paces for just a short time and you will probably see why it is that we rate it so highly!



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