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Seafaring Slots – Lobstermania 2 and Lucky Angler

Given that there are literally thousands of amazing slots on the market right now with decidedly nautical themes, we thought we’d once again visit this particular team today. We’ve personally selected two of our favourite slots for your inspection – Lobstermania 2 and Lucky Angler A Snowy Catch. They’re based on all things aquatic, but… Read More »

Beetle Mania, Call of Fruity – Very Different, But Both Very Good

There’s no specific theme that connects the two slots we’re taking a look at today, other than the fact that they’re both extremely enjoyable and worth checking out. The first being Beetle Mania…note the spelling here…and the second being Call of Fruity. Different in both appearance and gameplay, but united in their ability to entertain… Read More »

Diamond Tower, Diamond Queen – Two Genuine Gems to Check Out

We recently published a piece focusing on a couple of slots with crystal themes. This time, we thought we’d up the ante by going for gold…or should that be, diamonds! There are so many slots out there these days with jewels and gems bursting out of every seam, but this of course doesn’t mean they’re… Read More »

Alice in Wonderland Slots Put To the Test

So many legendary stories have been transformed into online slots over the years – few to a more enormous extent than Alice in Wonderland. Sometimes cute, sometimes rather on the sinister side, but almost always entertaining. It’s a story everyone knows with characters we all recognise. But with so many slots out there based on… Read More »

Food for Thought? Big Chef, Juice ‘N’ Fruits

Right now, there are literally hundreds of food-based slots doing the rounds online from dozens of developers. Which isn’t exactly surprising, given the fact that food is one of the only universally appealing themes nobody can resist! In this instance, we thought we’d look at two rather different food-based slots – Big Chef and Juice… Read More »

Dolphin Delights – Two Seafaring Slots to Check Out This Week

You name it, chances are there’s a whole bunch of slots that deliver it. There really aren’t many themes these days that haven’t been used to create pretty awesome slots – some more than others. Take for example, the humble dolphin – dozens of slots from leading names have been built around the world’s favourite… Read More »

Festive Fun and Games – New Christmas Slots Reviewed

It’s that wonderful time of year once again, where thoughts and attention move away from work and other commitments to focus on the more enjoyable things in life. And of course, spending time with your favourite online slots very much represents one of life’s more enjoyable pursuits! In addition, this is also the time of… Read More »

Slot Reviews – Cleopatra Plus and Turning Totems

Another couple of slots for your consideration today, in the form of Cleopatra Plus and Turning Totems. There’s a pretty non-stop barrage of new arrivals emerging right now, with the biggest names in the business getting into gear in the run-up to Christmas. We’re here to help you make sense of the biggest and best… Read More »