Star Trek Slots Special – Two Classics go Head to Head

There’s barely a popular TV or movie franchise these days that hasn’t been given the virtual slot treatment. Which as far as we’re concerned at least is nothing but a good thing. After all, if you’re into the franchise in question, why not indulge in a few spins and maybe take home a prize if you’re lucky?

So today, we thought we’d focus on one of the most iconic of all franchises in history – Star Trek. With millions of fans and followers all over the world, you’d expect any slots carrying the Star Trek moniker to be nothing short of excellent. Which is why we’ve given two front-runners a thorough inspection, to see exactly what’s on the table from both.

Star Trek Against All Odds

First up, will the odds be stacked in your favour with Star Trek Against All Odds? Well, what you’re looking at here is the long-awaited sequel to the original Star Trek slot from IGT, which follows the story of the USS Enterprise doings its best to prevent the Earth being destroyed by Narada. Exciting stuff, which in this guise takes the form of a five-reel slot with a generous 720 paylines. Spins start from 60p and go as high as £300, catering for those looking to spend a little more than the average.

If you choose to opt for the MultiWay Xtra feature which costs a little more, this sets in play every one of the 720 paylines – not to mention wins in both directions.

When there are no scatter symbols on any of the reels, you might trigger the Energizing Wilds feature which happens randomly in normal play. Across the three middle reels, up to five symbols are turned wild by the Transporter Cursor, which can result in excellent wins.

Outside this, there’s the Enterprise Defender Bonus feature to play for which is pretty much the main hook of the game. Going far beyond the average special feature, you suddenly find yourself presented with an arcade-style shooting game, where you’ll have 45-seconds to defend your ship from Romulan missiles. You earn points for the bombs and missiles you destroy – 100 and 500 each respectively.

Once the ship’s shields have been depleted, you’ll be promoted in accordance with how many points you scored. Score more than 12,000 points and you’ll be made a Commander, while 14,000 points or more will see you reach the rank of Captain. In accordance with your rank – of which there are nine – you’ll be presented with one of nine reels to spin. The higher the rank, the bigger the prizes – Captain status offering up to a massive 22,500X your stake! Even with pennies on the line, you could walk away rich!

Star Trek Against All Odds looks great, sounds great and plays like a dream. The arcade-style bonus feature is nothing short of brilliant and the base game itself is a joy to spend time with. And when there’s the potential to win 22,500X your stake…well, you don’t really need any more reason to play. The only downside is that is doesn’t have the same Free Spins feature as its predecessor, which would be have been great.

Star Trek Red Alert

Coming this time from the famed folks at WMS, there are many who say that Star Trek Red Alert is the best of the bunch. It was the first these guys released and remains one of the most popular on the market by a wide margin. Set up with the classic five reels and 25 paylines, spins start from 35p and go as high as £105. It’s a hugely popular slot in real-life casinos all over the world and is now up and running for virtual gamers too. Play your cards right and the biggest jackpot on offer is a massive £45,000.

It’s all about the bonus rounds with Star Trek Red Alert – one of which being the aptly-named Red Alert feature. Land three or more Feature symbols in any positions and you’ll be provided with a potentially limitless number of free spins. Multipliers can be hit throughout the free spins up to a maximum of 15X, though every time you fail to make a winning combination, you lose one of your shields. Once you’ve lost all five of your shields, the bonus round comes to an end.

Well, sort of…as you’ll then get to make a choice of two communication channels. If you get ‘Shields to Full’, the round is reset and starts all over again. If you get ‘Spin Til You Win’, the reels keep spinning until you land a winning combination. You might also get ‘No Extra Spin’, which means the bonus round really does come to an end.

Then there’s the Win Warp feature, which can happen upon landing any winning combination that doesn’t take you to the above-mentioned bonus round. You’ll be transported to one of four bonus rounds with various wins and bonuses on offer.

The Rock Create Multiplying Wild feature sets a multiplier of 3X to 10X in play, while adding a multiplying wild random to one of the reels. Scotty’s Wild Reel feature makes the Scotty Wild symbol take over one or two entire reels, which can lead to incredible wins. Then there’s the Spock Multiplier feature, which simply results in wins being multiplied by anything from 3X to 10X. Last up, the Enterprise Fly-By feature, watch the ship fly over the screen and change the symbols in the winning line into something far more valuable.

Once again, a feature-packed slot that is sure to win over anyone with even a passing interest in Star Trek. In fact, even if you’ve no real interest in the franchise, there’s a good chance you’ll find more than enough to keep you busy and entertained with Star Trek Red Alert.

Long story short – both of these slots come highly recommended!


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