Slot Reviews – Cleopatra Plus and Turning Totems

Another couple of slots for your consideration today, in the form of Cleopatra Plus and Turning Totems. There’s a pretty non-stop barrage of new arrivals emerging right now, with the biggest names in the business getting into gear in the run-up to Christmas. We’re here to help you make sense of the biggest and best slots out there, so check out our rundown of these two newcomers and maybe give them a try for yourself.

Cleopatra Plus


First up, one of the newest releases to come from IGT is Cleopatra Plus. This is the kind of game that developers clearly want you to play and play a lot of, given the way in which you level up as you go along for bigger and better wins. And in case you hadn’t already figured it out, the answer is yes… Cleopatra Plus is the sequel to the hugely popular original, Cleopatra.

Building on the successful formula of its predecessor, Cleopatra Plus is a five-reel, 40-payline slot. With all 40 paylines in play at all times, the minimum bet per spin is 40p. Stepping right into the shoes of the Pharaoh, you’ll find yourself presented with a very nice-looking slot, which as far as first impressions go seems to take all that was epic about the first installation to another level.

Once again, the action takes place with an Ancient Egyptian backdrop, while the symbols are all the familiar icons you’d expect – Aset, Bastet, Hathor, Amun, Ra, Anubis and so on. It’s the Cleopatra Plus logo itself that you’ll be keeping your fingers crossed for during normal play, which in the case of a string of five in a row is good for a massive 1,500X your wager.

As already mentioned, Cleopatra Plus follows the likes of Wheel of Fortune on Tour and Nordic Heroes with its use of the Level Up Plus feature. What this basically means is that the more you play, the higher potential wins become and the more features open up. Levelling up is achieved by accumulating followers, which happens when you land bonus symbols on the reels.

Anytime you land two or more wilds during normal play, your win will be doubled. Land three or more scatter symbols in any position and you’ll be whisked away to the Cleopatra Free Spins Bonus round, where you’ll start out with a 1X multiplier and five free spins. Choose a location on the map and you’ll be rewarded with a cash price of up to 30X your wager, a multiple of up to 5X or a maximum of 30 more free spins. You can also win up to 10 Super Spins during this bonus round.

Again, how much you can win and the general bonuses on offer will vary in accordance with your level. On the plus side, Cleopatra Plus will remember you from one visit to the next, meaning that if you level up and then leave for a while, you won’t be back at square one when you return. We’re not entirely sure how reliable this memory is, but it’s still good to have in place.

On the whole, Cleopatra Plus does a good job of making a relatively complex slot system easy to grasp and enjoy. Games that level up like this are the kinds of games that are designed to hook you long-term, as opposed to simply dip in and out of. If you liked the original Cleopatra though, you’ll probably be right at home with Cleopatra Plus.

Turning Totems  turning-totems

As for Turning Totems, we have the folks at Thuderkick to thank for this new arrival, which features five reels, 11 paylines and plenty of generous prizes for the lucky ones. It’s suitable for players at all levels, with spins starting from as little as 10p and going as high as £100 for high rollers. When put to the test, Turning Totems runs like a dream on standard desktop systems and mobile devices alike, so it ticks all the right boxes for gaming on the go.

In terms of visuals, Turning Totems follows (unsurprisingly) a Native American theme and looks pretty great on the whole. The faces and masks of the totem poles represent the symbols in the game, while both-ways winning spices things up alongside Thunder Reels, Sleeping Wilds, Thunder Snakes, respins and a free spins feature. The soundtrack is also just the type that’s guaranteed to get stuck in your head for days, for all the right reasons!

Keep your eyes peeled for the Thunder Snake symbol – land one of these in any position and it will turn the whole reel into a Thunder Reel for the spin. Thunder Reels also bring to life any Sleeping Wilds on the reel, while giving out a free spin unless the Bonus Game has already been triggered. So either way, you’re probably in for something good! If there’s no Thunder Reel in play, sleeping wilds operate like normal symbols.

You’ll need three Thunder Reels to access the Bonus Game, which happens on a surprisingly regular basis…if you’ve got the patience to hold out. Upon accessing the bonus game, you’ll be immediately awarded five free spins for a shot at a tasty takeaway. During these free spins, all three of the Thunder Reels remain active, which basically means that at least three of the reels will feature locked wilds for the duration of the feature. Suffice to say, coming out with nothing at all isn’t what you’d call likely!

Pulling all the pieces together, Turning Totems delivers exactly what it sets out to – a lot of fun and instant enjoyment. It’s probably not the kind of slot you’re going to find yourself spending hours with, but for a few casual spins here and there, it’s definitely worth checking out.


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