Slot Machine Strategies

Slot Machine Strategies – Beware Buying In

There’s a pretty strong chance this particular post might ruffle a few feathers. The fact of the matter really being that if you carry out a simple online search, you will find literally thousands of examples of guides, how-to videos and in some cases even published books on slot machine tactics. Indeed, there are quite a few people out there that are making good money, having put together ‘secret’ and ‘exclusive’ guides that can apparently show you how to win at slots, every time. Or if not every time, at least come out with a profit long-term.

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Unfortunate as it may be, we’re here to tell you one thing…they don’t work. Never have, never will, not a single one of them. So not only is buying into these kinds of things figuratively a bad idea, but doing so with actual cash is an even worse idea. Keep reading and we’ll go through things in a little more detail.

How Slot Machines Work

You really only need to know how an online slot works to understand how and why ‘winning’ strategies simply cannot work. So many people see slots as intelligent machines with a brain behind the scenes, but they aren’t. Instead, what you’re working with is simply a random number generator (RNG) running on a computer. With each spin, the RNG determines which positions the wheels will land on, totally randomly.

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Now, the key word to remember at all times here is ‘random’. It’s a little like there being a gigantic dice in-play behind the scenes, which is rolled with every spin. Now, if you were presented with a giant dice with thousands of sides and asked to throw it manually, how often could you accurately predict the outcome? Better yet, how could you use a system to predict the result of the next or indeed any roll?

The answer is, of course, you couldn’t.

The reason being that with each throw, the odds are reset and the event is 100% independent. However the dice landed last time has no influence at all on how it will land this time. Even if after 250,000 throws it hadn’t landed on a six, it is no more likely to hit a six this time than it ever was. This is exactly how the RNG works in a slot machine – in every slot machine across the board. As you have no control over the result, you also have no control over potential wins or losses.

Or in others words, the strategy you choose to try outsmarting the RNG just isn’t going to work.

Strategies That Don’t Work

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To be honest, given the fact that there’s no such thing as an effective system out there, you could list any and every strategy under this title. Nevertheless, there are some that get way more attention than others and are therefore more likely to prove tempting to try out. These include:

  • Zig-Zag. This bizarre theory suggests that when certain symbols appear in certain patterns, it indicates that the machine is due to pay off soon. Do you honestly think those making the slots would serve up visual clues of potential wins in the pipeline? Not in a million years…it just doesn’t happen. From X to Y to Z and so on, all such shapes have no bearing at all on the next spin or the likelihood of hitting a win.

  • Money Management Systems. Again, weird and wonderful ideas that just don’t work. Examples include the system whereby you continue doubling your wager over a set period of time while doing X, Y and Z, which will eventually result in you breaking even or winning a prize. The simple truth being that in any case when the payout percentage is less than 100%…as in EVERY slot on Earth…you are guaranteed to lose more than you win over time.

  • Hot and Cold Machines. Sadly, there’s no such thing. As already touched upon, just because a slot hasn’t paid out a penny in weeks doesn’t make it any more likely to pay out than a machine that’s just made someone rich. It all comes back to each spin being a 100% independent event – it may as well be the first time the machine has ever been played. Using the hot and cold machine strategy can work, but when it does, it’s entirely down to pure luck and nothing else.

  • Memorising Reels. Feel free to memorise the reels all you like, but it won’t make a blind bit of difference when it comes to win-rates. Not only is there no pattern whatsoever when it comes to the results of each spin, but not does knowing the positions of each symbol hold any real value at all. That is, unless you’re provided with plenty of nudges, which is pretty rare with online slots in general.

  Strategies That Do Work

Didn’t we just say there’s no such thing as a working strategy? Indeed we did, but if you’d prefer to focus on a strategy that can minimise losses and maximise enjoyment, then yes…there are working strategies to be aware of. The difference being that these tips are all based around facts, logic and the mathematics of gaming, as opposed to half-baked theory:

  • Play for Fun. First up, online slots are all about fun. They’re not a career, not a way to generate extra income and not to be approached only for profit. If your primary goal isn’t enjoying yourself, you’re barking up the wrong tree…proverbially speaking!

  • Use Bonuses. Being sure to read the terms in full before doing so, be sure to make use of as many valuable and genuine bonus offers as you can. If there are 100 available slots sites offering 100 different bonuses for new customers, that could be 100 chances to play using someone else’s money.

  • Beware Progressives. That is, if you’re out to minimise losses and maximise winning potential. For casual gamers, progressives hold little value as when there’s an eight-figure jackpot on the line, you’ve a better chance winning the lottery.

  • Take Your Time. Last up, statistically speaking you’re inclined to spend (and lose) more money, the faster you play. Take your time, enjoy the ride and soak it all up for the experience it is. These aren’t, after all, ATMs you’re playing with!


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