Raise a Glass! Bier Haus and Beer Fest Put to the Test

For today’s duo of slot reviews, we thought we’d take a look at a couple of glass-raising, high-toasting, beer-themed slots from two leading developers. These always tend to be the kinds of slots that are a little on the cliché side to say the least, but it’s all just for pure fun and game! In this instance, the two we’re taking a look at are Bier Haus and Bier Fest – both of which make it pretty clear from the get-go what they’re all about.

So grab yourself a flagon of foaming ale, raise a toast to whatever you can think of and dive into either (or both!) of the follow:

Bier Haus

First up, Bier Haus comes courtesy of the folks at WMS and features the standard five reels with a total of 40 paylines on offer. We’re reasonably sure we don’t have to tell you what Bier Haus translates as in English – nor is it probably necessary to outline the theme and setting. As always, it’s Oktoberfest every day of the year with Bier Haus, with its cheery visuals, joyful soundtrack and spins that go all the way from 40p right up to £200 each.

The base game is pretty ok, but there’s really not a great deal to say about it…so we won’t. Instead, it’s all about the bonus features with Bier Haus, with the Free Spins round being just about the pick of the bunch. If you manage to get five standard or Gold feature symbols across the reels at any time, you’ll start out with five free spins. You’ll also be awarded an extra five spins for every bonus symbol that goes above the required five – six offering ten spins, seven offering 15 spins and so on – right up to a maximum of 80.

Even better, during the Free Spins round each of the Golden bonus symbols that got you there in the first place locks exactly where it is for the duration of the round. And just to make it all that little bit sweeter, you can also re-trigger the free spins during the round, meaning the chance to go on playing for generous cash prizes.

While that’s really all there is to say about Bier Haus, one thing that is definitely working in its favour is how frequent it tends to pay out. Not the biggest prizes, of course, but during the base game it doesn’t ever seem to go along for very long without paying out at least something. So while it might not be anything particularly outstanding in terms of bonus features, there’s more than enough on offer to have you coming back for another spin or two.

Bier Fest

Ready for a refill? Well, you’re in luck, as Bier Fest serves up another generous helping of the very same theme and style. It’s back off to Bavaria for an evening surrounded by huge glasses of beer, bar maidens with all the usual cliché characteristics and the promise of potentially promising payouts. But what’s immediately different about this beer-themed slot from Genesis Gaming is that for the time being at least, it’s only available for mobile devices. Spins start out from 25p and go right up to £250, so it’s well suited to all budgets.

In terms of visuals, there’s not a great deal about Bier Fest that’s not to like. It doesn’t exactly reinvent the wheel, but there’s a lavish dose of laughter and lederhosen to keep you entertained. The oompah soundtrack is also everything you’d expect from a slot with this theme – you might find it impossible to play without a beer in your own hand!

As for the special features, Bier Fest doesn’t mess about. There’s the Barrel Wild feature which sees expanding wilds take over the second and fourth reels, the Bier Drinking feature offers an instant payout worth up to 4X you bet, and then there’s the Pig Racing feature when you land the pig symbol on the first reel and the pretzel on the fifth. You’ll be rewarded with a bunch of wilds all over the place, which can lead to wins in excess of 100X your bet.

And then of course there’s the Bier Stein free spins feature, where a pre-bonus pick-me round will see you selecting steins to win free spins up to a maximum of 46. It’s also possible to score a multiplier of up to 15X to be applied to wins during the free spins round, plus you might be lucky enough to re-trigger the free spins at any time during the feature.

Putting all the pieces together, Bier Fest was built to entertain in a big way and does a very good job of doing exactly that. It looks pretty great, the soundtrack gets you totally immersed in the action and there are more than enough features to make it worth sticking with for a while at least. It doesn’t pay out quite as frequently as its rival above, but it does nonetheless come with the prospect of generous cash prizes for the lucky ones. So if you’re feeling thirsty for a little beer-related action, we’d definitely recommend giving Bier Fest a shot.



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