Why Online Slots Are Better Than the Real Thing

It’s a dividing subject to say the least and one that until recently had more advocates on the side of real-life slots. After all, online slots were only just coming into their prime and had a pretty long way to go. As of today though, things are rather different to say the least. Not only have online slots become nothing short of a phenomenon, but there are actually more people globally playing slots online than in person.

So as far as those backing the digital approach to gaming are concerned, exactly what is it about online slots that makes them not just good, but even better than the real thing?


1 – There Are So Many More Slots Online
Well, first of all there’s the way in which playing online means gaining access to the biggest selection of slots in the world. For obvious reasons, there isn’t a casino on the face of the Earth that has the space to house a literally infinite quantity of every single popular slot there is. They might have one or two iterations of a few hundred or so, but that’s it. Online, you can tap into literally any slot that’s ever hit the scene and be guaranteed a seat – regardless of how diverse your tastes may be. And if you’re the kind of person that likes to flit quite frequently from one to the next, playing online means never running out of incredible new slots to try out.

2 – The Sounds and Graphics Are Simply Awesome
Another benefit of virtual slots that goes above and beyond the real thing is the way in which they often feature mind-blowing graphics, sound-effects, sound-tracks and so on. With real-life slots, you’re somewhat limited to what is physically possible. With virtual slots, it’s a virtual world where anything goes. Not only this, but the whole package comes together as an experience that’s so incredibly immersive, you end up losing yourself in the game of your choice and completely forgetting you’re sitting at home. Or at work. Or on a bus, for that matter. Pure enjoyment anytime, anyplace.

3 – You Can Play From Anywhere


Speaking of which, there’s also the bonus that comes with the fact that you don’t have to live anywhere near a physical casino or gaming hall to get in on the action. In fact, you only need to have an Internet connection and a compatible device, which these days is pretty much any computer, smartphone, tablet PC and so on. No specialist software, usually no downloads required and no limits to the kind of fun on offer. So even if you only have a few minutes to kill at any time of day or night, it’s more than enough time to get in on some awesome online slots action.

4 – Spectacular Jackpots
Of course, you cannot and should not expect that you’re going to walk away with a seriously huge sum of cash after playing online slots. In fact, any win at all is a bonus as it should be all about the fun. However, every now and again there will be a lucky soul somewhere in the world that will take home a frankly ludicrous sum of cash. The reason? It all comes down to progressive jackpots, which link video slots on a global basis and pump cash into cumulative prize funds. There are literally tens of millions of pounds to be won, which can technically be scooped up by any player at any time. The odds might be against you, but still…you only need to hit one of these jackpots once to be on easy street forever.

5 – Bigger Bonuses
Now, online casino bonuses and slots bonuses are a bit of a sticky subject, given the fact that in a lot of instances they’re not actually worth a great deal. It’s important to read the terms and conditions in full before accepting any kind of bonus, but from time to time you’ll come across certain bonus offers that are outstanding. Some offer welcome bonuses in the form of extra cash to play with, some free spins, some reward you for recommending friends and so on. In all instances, even a small bonus is way better than what you’d be likely to get if you wandered into a casino and just started hitting the slots. Use review sites, expert recommendations and customer feedback to help you make the best possible decisions.

6 – Play for Free
Something else to consider is the way in which most casinos don’t tend to be inclined to let customers wander in and start playing the games on offer for free. Why would they? It’s not as if they’re in this line of work for the fun of it, after all. Online however, it’s a very different story. Most reputable casinos and gaming houses on the web these days will let you try out pretty much every slot on offer free of charge – often without even having to open an account. Which means you get to find out what it’s like and get plenty of practice in, before having to spend a penny. Suffice to say, this has the potential to tip the odd in your favour hugely.


7 – You Might Save Money
It all depends on your own personal approach to gaming, but there’s a good chance you might just save money playing online slots too. The reason being that online slots remove from the equation things like transport costs, expensive drinks from the bar, meals at the casino and so on. Some casinos give away the odd freebie here and there but still, it’s rare to come away without having spent at least something on something. Play from home and you won’t need to spend a penny on anything other than the slots, which means more cash to spend on whatever you choose to!

8 – It’s a Safer Bet
Last but not least, another important plus-point that comes with online slots is the way in which you can vet and verify each and every slot you choose to try out, before actually deciding to give it a go. The web is packed with endless reviews, strip-downs, editorials and so on that basically tell you which slots are worth your time and which to avoid. By contrast, dive into any random slot you come across at the casino and you’re rolling the dice with your luck.






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