Jekyll & Hyde Slot Review

Today, we thought we’d do something a little different. Something we haven’t done before, though very much intend to do again. You know how there are so many slots out there that have been done multiple times by various developers? Well, we figured we’d look at two slots with the same theme and name from two competing companies in order to see which did the best job.

In this instance, we’ll be looking at slots based on Jekyll & Hyde – the classic story from Robert Louis Stevenson dating back to 1886. Both Microgaming and Playtech (two of the biggest names in the business) put together their own take on Jekyll & Hyde for virtual slot fans. The question being – which of the two…if any…is worthy of your time and money?

Jekyll & Hyde by Microgaming


First up comes Microgaming’s version of Jekyll & Hyde, which is a classic five-reel slot with a generous 243 paylines to play for. It runs great across mobile and desktop platforms alike and caters to budgets at the lower-end of the spectrum – spins ranging in price from 25p up to a maximum of £25.

As the biggest wins are on the cards when the monstrous Mr Hyde is doing his business, watching Dr Jekyll undergo his transformation is actually a good thing. The reason being that the Mr Hyde Free Spins bonus round is pretty much the highlight of the game, which can be accessed by landing at least three Jekyll & Hyde scatters in any position on the reels. If you do, you’ll be looking at 10 free spins to get you started.

During the Free Spins feature, the entire mood and ambience of the game changes into something far more sinister – it’s nothing if not atmospheric! What’s more, the Mr Hyde symbol replaces every Dr Jekyll symbol on all of the reels, in order to increase the chances of striking it lucky. If you’re fortunate enough to land five My Hyde symbols in a row, you’ll be looking at a whopping 300X multiplier on your wager.

In addition, free spins can be re-triggered at any time during the bonus round, by once again landing three scatter symbols in any position. Despite the fact that wins during the free spins round are not increased by multipliers, it’s still possible to take home a prize worth 3,600X your bet!

Of course, there’s also a base game outside the Free Spins bonus round, but to be honest this is where all of the real action is. The base game itself is entertaining enough, but it’s generally a pretty high-variance slot which means you have to be prepared for quite a few dry runs with nothing happening at all.

Which is pretty much where the rundown comes to an end. With Jekyll & Hyde from Microgaming, it’s all about the Free Spins bonus round and little more. That said, if you’re lucky enough to make it into the feature at any time, you’ll be more than glad you stopped by for a spin.

Jekyll & Hyde by Playtech


So that’s the Microgaming spin on Jekyll & Hyde sorted, but what about the folks over at Playtech? Well, it’s of course exactly the same theme based on exactly the same story, not to mention the same five-reel setup. The first things that differ in this instance however are the 25 paylines in play, not to mention spins that start from 25p and go up to a dizzying £2,500 per spin! Clearly, these guys have high-rollers in their crosshairs!

In terms of atmosphere, they’ve pretty much nailed it. The whole thing is dark, spooky and bordering on the scary, with a creepy soundtrack that keeps things nicely nail-biting throughout. Of all the symbols in play, it’s the Dr Jekyll this time that you’ll want to have your eye out for, which in the case of landing five in a row on a winning payline is worth 1,000X your stake.

As with other titles from Playtech, there’s also the option of being able to double your stake in order to gain access to additional features and prizes. Though this does mean betting from 50p per spin to as much as £5,000!

Like its sibling from Microgaming, standard play with this version of Jekyll & Hyde is a little on the non-eventful side. It looks great and the atmosphere is a winner, but there’s not a great deal of action on the whole. Instead, it’s all about the Free Games bonus round. You’ll need at least three scatter symbols to get there, which takes the form of a potion bottle.

When you access the bonus round, you’ll play in either Jekyll mode or Hyde mode. In both instances, there are plenty of free spins available as you keep on spinning until you land four scatters on the fifth reel. Each scatter you land depletes the potion bottle a little, up until the point when in breaks with the fourth scatter. It’s possible to spin 50+ times before this happens.

If you’re in Hyde mode, three further symbols become wild and each potion bottle you land turns another symbol wild. The more wilds you get, the bigger the chance of heavy wins. If you’re in Jekyll mode, potion bottles increase the multiplier on all wins up to a maximum of 5X. Combined with a whole bunch of free spins, you could be in the money.

So…which of the two is the winner? To be frank, it’s too close to call decisively as it’s all about the free spins bonus features in both instances. It’s probably fair to say that in the case of Playtech’s version of Jekyll & Hyde, the mood is a little more immersive and the free spins round is slightly more exciting. To be honest though, if you’re looking for something spooky and sinister, you’d probably be happy with either of them!






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