Diamond Tower, Diamond Queen – Two Genuine Gems to Check Out

We recently published a piece focusing on a couple of slots with crystal themes. This time, we thought we’d up the ante by going for gold…or should that be, diamonds! There are so many slots out there these days with jewels and gems bursting out of every seam, but this of course doesn’t mean they’re all worth of your time and money. In this instance, we thought we’d put Diamond Tower and Diamond Queen under the microscope – very different in many ways, but both more than worthy of a few spins.

In our own humble opinion, at least!

Diamond Tower  

Kicking off with Diamond Tower first, here’s a slot that’s generally designed to have you think that if you’ve got the skills, crime does indeed pay. We won’t personally comment on that, but there you go! In any case, a female cat burglar leads the action, which takes place in the lobby of the tower mentioned in the title. There’s plenty of opportunity to take home a prize, with 1,024 ways to win and spins on offer from 40p up to a maximum of £200.

Most of the symbols that appear on the reels have some kind of connotation with wealth and luxury lifestyles. Little yappy puppies, sports cards, speedboats, cocktails, necklaces and so on – the kinds of purchases you could be making if you hit the motherload. In the case of the sports cars, netting five in a row will see you walking away with 1,000X your wager, which is pretty sweet to say the least. There are also the usual playing card values bringing up the rear, which of course aren’t worth quite as much.

As for the wild, it is the master-criminal herself that’s able to take the place of any other symbol apart from the scatter. Which if you were wondering appears in the form of a huge diamond, offering access to the free spins round if you manage to hit at least three of them in any positions. The spins can be re-activated during the round and any wilds in-play at the time will hold the reels in place, increasing the chance of taking home a prize.

If you’re really lucky, you might just land a series of diamonds on all five reels, which will result in you being taken over to the Break-In Bonus feature and could be in for something quite special. It’s here that you’ll be presented with a bunch of doors – each of which could be hiding a diamond or a flashing police light. You need to keep on getting the diamonds to progress up to a higher level – the higher you go, the bigger the prize you stand to pocket as a result. The initial prize is worth six free spins with a 2X multiplier, while the top prize will see you rewarded with a dozen free spins and a multiplier of 8X.

If you find yourself wondering why it’s all so familiar when you try out Diamond Tower for the first time, it’s because it’s the same exact game as Lost Temple but with a different look and theme. Which means that if Lost Temple is a game you’re fond of, you’re pretty much guaranteed to like Diamond Tower. And if you’re not familiar with the way either do business, chances are you’ll still have a great time with Diamond Tower. It isn’t easy to get into those bonus rounds, but persistence pays off if you manage to work your way in!

Diamond Queen  

Next up, Diamond Queen comes from the folks at IGT and takes the more familiar five-reel, 20-payline approach. Rather than tales of crime and getting rich at the expense of others, Diamond Queen is instead somewhat more magical and fantastical. It’s a carbon copy of the hugely popular Diamond Queen slot that can be found in casinos and gaming halls all over the world, so if you frequent these kinds of places, there’s a good chance you’ve met this particular Diamond Queen before. And if not, let us be the first to introduce you!

There are gems, tiaras, diamonds and so on making up the symbols, with spins starting out from 20p each and going as high as £200. To be honest, there isn’t a great deal to be said about the base game as there isn’t a great deal to it. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with it, but more a case of like with many slots, it’s all about the bonus round with Diamond Queen.

In this instance, it’s the Mystical Diamond Free Spins Bonus feature you’ll be gunning for, which is just an overly complicated name for a free spins round. You’ll need to land three bonus symbols on the middle three reels to make it happen, after which you’ll be rewarded with what seems to be a rather weak three free spins to play with.

Why only three? Well, for one thing it’s worth noting that during the first spin, reel number two is turned completely wild. When you spin for the second time, the second and third reels are both 100% wild. And when you take your third spin, all three of the middle reels are 100% wild. Suffice to say, this massively increases the likelihood of taking home one or more wins with each spin – hence why they only give you three of them!

That said, you can re-trigger a maximum of 20 free spins more, depending on if you hit the elusive Extra Spin symbol at any time.

As you can see therefore, there’s not a great deal of depth to Diamond Queen and even the bonus round is short and sweet. But at the same time, it has the potential to pay out in a big way for those lucky enough to land in the bonus round. Diamond Queen doesn’t pay out often, but when it does, it does so with style!





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