Deal or No Deal Slot

Deal Or No Deal Slot

Are you looking for a top quality online slots game? Well look no further! We’ve spent a lot of time looking into and indeed playing potential online slots games, trying to find the highest quality, the most exciting and the most popular and reliable. We’ve spent a lot of time dividing the wheat from the chaff, so that you can spend more time enjoying the games as opposed to looking for them. One of the best is the Deal Or No Deal slots game, based on the Endemol produced TV show of the same name. Here are the reasons why we love it, and why it’s well worth your time.

History of the game

Deal Or No Deal’ is a popular international TV game show. While the format of the game was pioneered in the Netherlands, it has perhaps become most popular in the UK where it is presented by the television personality and master of the comeback and banter, Noel Edmonds.The game involves one of 22 contestants chosen at random, who have to choose between 22 sealed boxes which contain different amounts of money ranging from 1p to £500 thousand, until they are left with a single box. As the player chooses lesser or greater amounts of money, the odds of being left with a box with a higher amount of money increases or decreases. In accordance with this, an unseen character called ‘The Banker’ will now and again call the player on a red telephone, offering them a certain amount of money for the box, and the player has to decide whether to take the deal or keep playing. It’s a game of chance but also a weighing up of odds and psychology, with the Banker deciding how much to offer the player partially based on their method of playing, their aims and responses to previous choices.

Game mechanics

The game has 5 reels with 20 pay lines and a progressive jackpot. The player must choose a ‘box’ with every spin, which decides what’s at stake when they spin. The banker then gives the player options of how much they can bet, meaning that the game is not just one of random chance but also skill and an ability to weigh up the stakes and the potential outcomes. As the jackpot escalates, the game gets more exciting and you get drawn into the mechanic of trying to preempt what the Banker will do in response to your choices. The AI of the game seems to be very sophisticated and can make unpredictable decisions to keep players on their toes, which keeps the game interesting. The game can last a good 10 minutes and passes the test of wanting you to come back and play again, as the amount of choices you make is large enough to mean that gameplay can vary and allow you to improve over time, but not so much that it becomes tedious or completely takes the element of chance out of the game.

Audio and graphics

The audio is one of the real selling points of this game. With a faithful rendition of the unmistakable introductory theme of the show, the game gets you into the Deal Or No Deal slot mood right from the outset. This is complimented by a few one-liners from ‘Noel Edmonds’, who lends an authenticity and professionalism to the game. Alongside that are cheers and sighs from the audience in surround sound, as well as the infamous ring of the phone call from the Banker, who you of course never hear but whose presence nonetheless presides over the game, giving proceedings a real sense of competition and drama.

While the audio makes you think you’re on the set with Noel, the graphics make you think you’re in a top class casino, possibly on Brighton pier. The lighting up of various parts of the screen helps to direct you to your next action, as well as attracting your eye. The lights aren’t at all distracting, and serve only to heighten the fun and excitement. The numbers and boxes put you in mind of the graphics that are used on the show, so you are left with no confusion about what the game is about and how the gameplay will go, broadly.

Pros and Cons

What is the biggest advantage of this game? Apart from the fact that you have the choice to play it for free, we would say that the biggest plus is that the game is both a good estimation of Deal Or No Deal slot while also being a believable slot machine game. You can imagine this game being available at a casino, with coins cascading down from out of the machine in response to winning the jackpot. A great, well-loved TV game show is synthesised with a slot machine in a way that makes you think it must already exist as an actual slot machine game. Whether it does or not, you can play this game from the comfort of your own sitting room.

It’s hard to think of many disadvantages to the game, but one minor bugbear we have is that the audio can be a bit repetitive, as only a few audio clips were recorded. But, if this bugs you too much, you always have the option of muting the audio, and playing the game without any sound. This doesn’t take away any important information and it is still possible to play the game in this manner.


In summary, this game ticks all the right boxes. It’s a faithful re-imagining of Deal Or No Deal, with powerful audio and graphics as well as a compelling game mechanic. It would be perfect for any die-hard fan of the TV show, people who like chance games with an element of skill, or just people who like well-crafted online games.