Beetle Mania, Call of Fruity – Very Different, But Both Very Good

There’s no specific theme that connects the two slots we’re taking a look at today, other than the fact that they’re both extremely enjoyable and worth checking out. The first being Beetle Mania…note the spelling here…and the second being Call of Fruity. Different in both appearance and gameplay, but united in their ability to entertain quite nicely.

It’s simply a case of deciding which of the two to check out first, as we’re pretty sure you’ll have a great time with both!

Beetle Mania Deluxe 

As we’ve already touched upon above, it’s worth noting that Beetle Mania Deluxe doesn’t actually have anything to do with the iconic band from the 60s. Hence why they’ve gone for a different spelling of the word ‘beetle’ in the title. Instead, it’s a merry tale of insects and bugs doing what they do best – playing musical instruments for your entertainment. It’s a five-reel slot with a total of 10 paylines to play for and plenty of features to keep you busy.

One great thing about this Novomatic slot is the way in which it is possible to win with certain symbols by lining up just two in a row. This feature is exclusive to the caterpillar, butterfly, snail and bee symbols, which pay out to the tune of 50 coins for a pairing, with the exception of the bee that’s worth 100 coins. Spins start from 40p each and go right up to £100 for bigger spenders, while the biggest win during normal play comes by lining up five bee symbols in a row, which will see you rewarded with a full 500x your bet.

This lucrative bee symbol is also the wild and can take the place of anything else, while the scatter symbol appears in the form of a music note. As usual, the scatter can appear anywhere and can form parts of winning combinations, even if it doesn’t appear on an active payline. If you’re lucky enough to land three of these scatter symbols on the first, second and third reels at the same time, you’ll be taken away to the Free Spins Bonus round where you’ll have ten free spins to play with.

During the free spins feature, landing a beetle symbol on reel three will double every one of your wins, right through from your first spin to the last. Which means the possibility of some very nice wins, with the only downside being that it is not possible to win any further free spins on top of the ten you are provided with. Which is a shame, but not the end of the world.

Beetle Mania Deluxe also features a Gamble option, which means that if you’re feeling extra lucky, you’ll be able to take the chance of doubling your wins. You basically get to choose from red or black following each win (which is optional) and if you’re right, your win is doubled. This can be continued up to a maximum of five times, though does of course mean a 50% chance of losing it all each time.

So with all this taken into account, is Beetle Mania Deluxe worth making a song and dance over? Well, it’s definitely nice to look at, the soundtrack is great and it does have the potential to pay out quite nicely. But at the same time, it doesn’t pay out particularly often and there can be fairly long dry spells before much happens. Still, if you’ve got the patience, it might just be rewarded!

Call of Fruity  

You can’t help but smile at least a little when coming across Call of Fruity, which has of course been ‘inspired’ wholesale by the Call of Duty franchise. Here, we see all manner of fruity characters dressed up to the nines in full military get-ups, setting the scene for an action-packed slot that’s a web-exclusive for Barcrest. Indeed, you play Call of Fruity online or you don’t play it at all!

Spins start from 50p and go right up to £500 each, while the slot itself has five reels and 10 paylines to play for. You’d no doubt assume that a slot like this from a brand like this would look pretty great and you’d be 100% right – it’s a visual treat and the soundtrack is superb. In terms of the action, scoring three bonus symbols in a row will take you to the Pick Me Bonus feature, where you’ll be rewarded with an instant cash multiplier or another Bonus symbol.

In the case of the latter, you’ll be taken to the Bomb Sight Bonus which is slightly more intricate. You get to select one of 12 bunkers, which will remove one of the available multipliers. After this, you can choose the ‘Make Me An Offer’ option, which sees you presented with three offers you can choose or refuse. It’s basically a take on the ‘Deal or No Deal’ prize structure, with the possibility of winning a maximum of 500X your bet. If it all goes wrong, the lowest prize is still worth 20x your bet.

Along with this, there’s the Fly-By Bonus which can be accessed by landing the bonus symbols of the same name on the middle three reels. This turns the middle three reels completely wild and spins the first, third and fifth once again – potential wins going as high as 500X your bet.

While the Call of Fruity base game is a little on the average side, it has more than enough in terms of special features to keep you hanging around for ‘just one more’ spin. It looks great, sounds great and if you’re lucky enough to enter the bonus rounds, the prizes up for grabs can also be…well, great!


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